Nov 14

Two new channels in Tagwhat

Tagwhat announces two new channel in its mobile tour guide to follow our recent announcement of the World of Twilight channel.

First, the James Bond 007 channel, inspired by the recent Skyfall premiere, delivers a tour filled with rich content about the series as you pass filming locations around the world.  For example, enjoy the clip of the first utterance of “Bond. James Bond.” from Dr. No when you’re near Les Ambassadeurs in London. http://www.tagwh.at/t/740235

Second, our new Celebrity Chefs channel offers stories of famous chefs, their websites, Facebook pages, Twitter streams, and Foursquare pages, as you pass their restaurants.  Check out this Tag about Chicago’s Girl and the Goat, available as you stroll through the Windy City. http://www.tagwh.at/t/740751

As always, set notifications in Tagwhat to ‘on’ so that you get a friendly tap on the shoulder when you’re near stories in these and your other favorite Tagwhat channels.  

The Tagwhat Team

Nov 02

World of Twilight launches in Tagwhat

Fans of the hugely popular Twilight Saga now have an entirely new way to experience the series using Tagwhat.  It’s called the World of Twilight channel in Tagwhat, and it’s like living inside the Twilight craze whether you’re at home or traveling.

With the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 premiere quickly approaching, we thought it would be fun to create a Twilight specific channel as a one-stop-shop for everything fans need to know leading up to the end of the saga.  From the latest scandal between Rpatz and Kstew, to the many world-wide locations where famous scenes from the movies were shot, Tagwhat now delivers the World of Twilight right to your pocket. 

Using our geolocation technology, Tagwhat will alert you when you’re in the vicinity of Twilight specific content – like a friend tapping you on the shoulder to say “Hey, that’s were Kristin and Rob were spotted canoodling last night” or “I can’t believe this is where Bella and Edward got married …  here’s the video clip!”

Even if you’re not near any Twilight specific locations, you can still get in on the action. For example, anyone with Tagwhat downloaded to their smartphone can set their Tagwhat location to Forks, Washington to learn about all the locations where the scenes from the first movie were filmed, or to Los Angeles or NYC for stories of real celebrity sightings.  Tagwhat even pulls in relevant social media pages so you can ‘like’ the Twilight Saga in Facebook and tweet to all your friends that you just passed Reese Witherspoon’s house in Ojai, CA where Rob was briefly camped out.

Here’s how to get in on the action:

1. Download Tagwhat.  Links to our free app are available right on our homepage. Once you have the app, check out Lauren’s quick video on how to easily access the World of Twilight in Tagwhat: http://youtu.be/t7feFd_7RHY.

2. Be sure to check out our worldwide World of Twilight Map showing all of our content around the globe by clicking on the Twilight button at our homepage.

3. Enjoy our World of Twilight and be sure to tell you friends about this new way to find Twilight in your smartphone.

(Oh, and if you’re not a Twihard, you won’t hurt our feelings by turning the World of Twilight channel off. There’s something for everybody in Tagwhat and be sure to watch this blog for lots of new themed channels coming to Tagwhat very soon.)

The Tagwhat Team

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Weeki Wachee Peacock!  (Taken with Instagram)

Weeki Wachee Peacock! (Taken with Instagram)